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    Personal Injury

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    Personal Injury

    A personal injury attorney can help a client recover compensation for a physical or psychological injury suffered because of negligence or careless acts of another person or organization.


    • Automobile, Motorcycle, and Boating Accidents
      • A Personal Injury Attorney can help his client recover compensation for bodily injury and personal property damage as a result of an accident
    • Premises Liability
      • An owner of such premises such as a restaurant, grocery store, bar, or other real property may be responsible if you suffer an injury on their premises
    • Dog Bite and Animal Attacks
      • If you are bitten by an animal the owner is careless as a matter of law and you may be entitled to compensation if such carelessness caused your injury
    • Construction Injuries
      • An injury at the construction site entitles you to compensation
    • Product Liability
      • If you are hurt by a product you purchased you may be entitled to compensation
    • Nursing Home
      • If a nursing home patient is injured while under care of another they are entitled to compensation
    • Drug Side Effects
      • A drug manufacturer or a doctor who fails to warn you of medication side effects that harm you can be held responsible for your injuries
    • Wrongful Death
      • A death caused by carelessness of another entitles the estate of the deceased to financial compensation

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