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    Business Law

    Business litigation is an area of law covering non-criminal disputes involving a business.

    A litigator can advise a business client in disputes including:

    • Breach of Contract 
    • Contracts are an essential way of formalizing an agreement in business. Whenever a dispute arises regarding the performance of an agreement, a business litigator can assist his client reach a favorable resolution.
    • Collection of debts
    • A litigator can assist in turning a debt into an enforceable judgment and collecting the judgment from a debtor.
    • Partnerships
    • Sometimes partners may have disputes about how to run a partnership or violate their duties to one another.
    • Corporations
    • a business litigator can assist the shareholders of a corporation to protect their rights, resolve disputes concerning corporate governance, and distribution of assets of the corporation.
    • Invasion of Privacy – a person has rights to privacy of their medical and financial records, right to damages for disclosure of private and embarrassing facts about them or false public oral or written statements about the person or business damaging their reputation.
    • Protection of Intellectual property Rights such as copyright of a website material or work created by your employee or protection of a trademarked business name

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